Slacking for Six Months

I have been pretty weak in updating my posts in the past 6 months or so.  Fortunately 2013 has arrived and it is a time for goals and new year resolutions.  Part of my new outlook for 2013 I decided I will be more consistent in my personal goals, personal learning and updating both on this website.  My current goal is to spend 30 minutes a day to learning HTML.  I chose Codecademy to start out.  Some of the content so far is review but it is a good review.  And some of the content is pre HTML5 and does not consider CSS.  I am okay with learning it that way since it is for beginners.   So far I have learned some basic outline code, html, head, and body tags.  As well as the p and H1 tags.  The lessons have also covered the table tag and some basic style tags.  It is a good start to begin learning HTML.  I also review my lists of websites and this helps as I read articles and find some basic information.  Hopefully I will stay a bit more committed and consistent this year.

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June 2012 Goals

In my pursuit of continual growth in I have decided to make goals each month.  Each month will focus on some key areas and disciplines.  This month will continue learning and practicing photography and Photoshop, start learning Farsi, and begin cooking meals.

June 2012 Goals


  • Go 3 photo shoots
  • Watch 1 photography video tutorial


  • Watch 1 Photoshop video Tutorial
  • Practice Photoshop for 5 hours


  • Start learning Farsi by creating a learning plan
  • Study Farsi 30 minutes per day


  • Plan and Cook 8 new meals

Travel Adventures

  • Make a travel adventure plan
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Foundations of Photography

I just finished with the video Foundations of Photography: Exposure by Ben Long.  This is the third video learning course by Ben Long that I have finished on training.  This course on exposure was a great introductory video.  The course could be summarized in three concepts, aperture, shutter speed and ISO.  The author goes deeper into each area and shows how they are interrelated and all three come together to form what is exposure.  What I really like about Ben Long’s course is the on site explanations.  You feel you are there with him as he is shooting and he is explaining the what and why he is doing what he does.  The other courses he teaches were also incredibly valuable.  I feel that I have a much stronger knowledge of photography and how to achieve better shooting.

Before I have always felt that if I was able to capture a nice shot it was luck.  With this new knowledge and education I hope to be more deliberate in photography and purposeful in capturing a better photo.

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Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon

I found some older pictures taken in 2007 of  Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon.  I thought they were fun and so I tried to doctor them up a bit.  I have been to both parks on two separate occasions and had a great time.  I am hoping to go back soon and explore more of both parks hopefully with a better camera and better equipment.  Both parks are in southern Utah.  The summers get hot as both trips where in August.  Both times I hiked through the narrows.  My next time back I hope to hike the subway trail.  Super fun trips with amazing views.  Highly recommended.


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More of Old Europe

This next post of our past trip to Europe features a beautiful women in Brugge, Belgium.  She was riding her bike next to a canal and I convinced her to stop and take a picture.  Actually, it is my wife and we had a great time riding bikes along the canals.  We had a great picnic next to some windmills and Brugge became a favorite place.  We also went to Spain and saw the castle and aquaduct in Segovia.  Paris was amazing and included a half a day in the Louvre, which is not enough time.  We will be back.

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Remembering Italy

Round two of my old Europe pictures takes us to Italy.  We absolutely loved Italy, every city we went was awesome for different reasons.  Rome is full of sites, historical monuments, food and is a busy city.  We also went to Cinque Terre for a laid back relaxing stay.  I think we had the best gelato and pizza in Vernazza.  We loved taking the train in between the towns and hiking in between a few of them.  We loved Cinque Terre so much that we came back to it after Florence, which was our next stop.  We also went to Venice for a day on our way to Switzerland.

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Old Europe Pictures

Well they are old to me anyways.  With my wife we took an amazing trip trough Europe in 2006.  While going through and organizing my old photos I saw a few gems that I wanted to play around with in Photoshop.  We spent 5 weeks traveling throughout western Europe.  We started in London then to Rome, Cinque Terre, Florence, back to Cinque Terre, Venice, Interlaken, Rhine River, Amsterdam, Brugge, Paris, Barcelona and finally Madrid.  We loved every second of our adventure.  We still look back at our Europe photos with fond memories and wish we were back.

I started with a few pictures of London, including Tower Bridge, Big Ben and a street scene.  We had a great time in London, going to museums, seeing a play, going through parks, and eating great food.

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